Follow the rules of the road. Keep to the right and ride in a single file. Slower bikes keep to the right so others can pass.


Not every road is suitable for a leisurely bike ride. Some of the inland hills are quite steep. Control your speed and always ride within your ability. Larger hills will instruct you to walk your bike down. Local police will issue citations for reckless riding, endangerment of others, or excessive speed. Look around before making turns or stops. Pedestrians and horses have the right-of-way.


Keep bikes within the white line when parking on the street. Do not park bicycles on sidewalks or lock them to fixed objects. Burleys, tandem, or bikes without kickstands must use off-street parking.


Picturesque M-185, the main road around Mackinac Island’s perimeter is just over 8 miles around and takes approximately 1 ½ hours to complete at a leisurely pace. Other trails are marked on the map.

Be Safe & Have Fun!


What type of bikes do you have?

We have single-speed beach cruisers for the casual rider on a budget or those who prefer foot brakes.

We have 7-speed beach cruisers for those who enjoy the casual riding position of a beach cruiser but would like some gears to choose from and hand brakes.

We have performance hybrids for people who prefer a faster, lighter bike. These bikes offer 24 speeds, disk brakes, and high-pressure road tires.

We have mountain bikes for people looking to explore our numerous trails. They feature 24 speeds and disc brakes.

We have kids bikes ranging in size from 16”-24”. Our 16” and 20” kids bikes have hand and foot brakes. Our 24” kids bikes are mountain bikes with 21 speeds and front suspension.

Bikes with training wheels are prohibited on Mackinac Island. If your child cannot ride without training wheels, we have Tag-a-longs and Burleys which are a much safer option for young children.

Can Burleys or Tag-a-longs be attached to my bike if I bring my own bike?

Burleys can usually be attached to most bikes. Tag-a-longs can be attached only to bikes with a 27.2 mm seat post diameter. The diameter of your seat post is stamped into the seat post towards the bottom. Cargo racks interfere with a tag-a-long clearance. **Be sure that your bike is in proper working order. We will not attach Burleys or Tag-a-longs to bikes that are not functioning properly.

Is it a difficult ride around the Island? How far is it?

It is 8.2 miles around Mackinac Island, the perimeter road is mostly flat and is a very casual ride with beautiful water views as well as several natural attractions to see. There are restrooms at British Landing (4-mile mark/halfway around). It takes 1-2 hours to ride around Mackinac Island.

For the more adventurous, Mackinac Island’s interior trails are satisfyingly scenic and challenging. There are numerous natural and historic attractions along the way. This terrain has steeper and more frequent hills.

From fast-fire roads to intense single track, Mackinac Island offers numerous trails of varying degrees of difficulty for the mountain bike enthusiast.

Do you reserve bikes?

Bikes are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. We open at 8 am. For the best selection arrive early during peak season.

Do you have air available if we bring our own bikes?

Yes, we have air and a repair facility. We will happily help with any bike-related need but do recommend bringing a bike that is ready to go because on busy days our time available for repairs is limited.

Are baskets included with the rental?

Our adult bikes have basket mounts. Baskets are included with the rental but we can run out on busy days. Kids bikes do not have baskets.

Do you have locks?

We include locks with bike rentals if you are renting overnight. If you brought your own bike and forgot a lock we have locks available.

Strollers, Wheelchairs, Power Scooters & Electric Bikes

We do not offer strollers, wheelchairs, power scooters, or electric bikes.

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